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We are proud to be a provider of some NDIS and disability services across all networks at firstcall HEALTH

As a third-party provider of Disability Support Workers and Registered Nurses, we work closely with some providers and support coordinators to meet their needs as a third-party provider of these services. The selection of the most appropriate employees and ensuring that they are suited to the task is of the utmost importance as it will ensure that service schedules are met, continuity of care is maintained, and the most convenient arrangement is made for all parties involved.

Among our requests are assistance with daily living, transportation, assistance with social and community participation, meal preparation, household chores, accessing community facilities, shopping, supporting someone to meet their friends, visiting the doctor, supporting someone to find a job or providing general emotional support.

Our team is delighted to be the provider of choice for some NDIS providers and coordinators, allowing us to play an important role in assisting with the care and management of individuals who need assistance as part of the NDIS.

On quality and standard, FCH has built a professional reputation on its services to our clients and through the standard of staff we provide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to get started?

If we receive all the appropriate information to conduct screening (referees details) and can actually get all the screening done quickly it should be done within 48hrs.

2. Will I get an answer right away?

Our recruiters and admin support are working daily to ensure all enquiries are responding to within 24hrs of the initial application.

3. Can I choose my days, hours and select where I don’t want to go?

Absolutely, our database is full proof and we have an app that speaks directly to our database so you can see everything we can see on your profile and what shift requests are available to you and are confirmed.

4. How much notice will I get?

Depending on where you would like to go, some clients book ahead of time. Others it could be on the day or even ASAP.

Agency is an area that whilst the clients need us, if their situations change on the day you could be cancelled and we will in this event try to source another shift for you.

5. How late do the cancellations occur?

Clients only need to give us 2 hrs notice to cancel you prior to a shift commencing excluding an AM shift. They also only need to keep you for a 4hr period if you are on a shift and their staffing situation or status of the ward/patient changes.

Should you be cancelled outside of these time frames, we do our best to secure a cancellation fee for you or find you alternative work within a 10km radius to where you were originally going.

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Use Venus Connect to access advanced features such as daily shift offers, availability calendars, shift rosters, weekly payslips, user details, and information.

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