About Us

Owned and operated by experienced specialists in the industry, firstcall HEALTH was established to bring back the personal feel of being part of a team every agency should have.

We are about having a team of nurses & carers who are prepared and willing to go the extra mile because they enjoy working for such a well reputed and organised agency and inturn provide the highest quality care to various sites across Geelong, Western Suburbs, Melbourne CBD, Northern Suburbs and South Eastern Suburbs.

Our staff and clients are dealing with a team of professionals whose primary aim is to provide the best possible care at all times at the highest level. We make it part of our job to work with each team member and decide what the best possible working solution is suited to each and every individuals circumstances, for example, students, working mums, and those who are looking for agency to supplement their income with 1,2 or 3 shifts a fortnight or month.

We attract the highest quality of staff to firstcall HEALTH with competitive rates, great benefits all year round, including free education and bonus incentives, flexibility in shifts at a range of different facilities across Geelong and Melbourne.  We have great systems and processes but our people are our most important resource and asset.  We take care of them, and in turn they take care of our clients by providing quality care to patients and residents at ALL times.

Our point of difference is that we look after our team members best interest, we care more about patient care and quality rather than quantity.  We will never offer a nurse or carer a shift that is not suitable to their skills or experience and out of their scope of practise.  Our team members are well informed on what the expectations are at both the agency and client level enabling our staff to attend a shift feeling confident and prepared to offer the best quality patient care.

What areas do we cover?

firstcall HEALTH offers work across Geelong, Western Suburbs, Melbourne CBD, Northern Suburbs and South Eastern Suburbs.  The type of work we would have to offer are in the areas of acute, aged care, various specialty areas such as (ICU, A&E, HDU, Mental Health, Midwifery) and Clinical Teaching.

Why should you join?

The answer is simple, we are good at what we do and this is proven through our fabulous reputation with ALL of our clients.  We do not keep you hanging, if we feel that we can’t help you we will point you in the direction of an organisation we feel would be able to help you in the area you would like to work in. How many of you apply and don’t hear back for 2 weeks?  It’s no longer than 48 hours with us, if we are having a hold-up with your references we contact you via email or phone to advise this is the case.